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  • AC Service Glendive, MT | Residential & Commercial Home AC Repair

    Reliable & Affordable Glendive AC Services

    24 Hour AC Service Glendive, MontanaDo you need AC Service in Glendive, MT? Papa’s Heating & Air is an AC service specialist in the Glendive area. Summer is a great time of year, but it also means your air conditioning unit needs to be functioning properly. There are many different problems that can go wrong with an air conditioning system, therefore it is very important to keep your AC well-maintained so that you do not end up with unexpected expenses and no cool air for your home.

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    AC Warning Signs

    AC Troubleshooting Glendive, MT

    • If your air conditioner is not working at all, you want to check to see if all of the settings are correct. Always take a look at your thermostat to confirm it is set to “cool”.  Then, you always want to be sure that you have not tripped a breaker, so always go to your electrical panel and double check. If everything looks good, it is time to call an AC service Glendive, MT professional.
    • When your air conditioner is running, but it is making strange noises that are different than the norm, you should make sure that the settings where they normally are. Also, turn off your air conditioner for a moment, then turn it back on – if you still hear the strange noises, calling an AC service company in Glendive, MT is highly recommended.
    • Any type of smell that is detected from your air conditioner could mean that you might have dirt, mold, or even mildew inside your unit. This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately. If you do not get it fixed, the air that is circulated could be spreading mold and mildew throughout your house which can create serious health issues.
    • Short cycling is perfectly normal if your air conditioner starts to do that when it gets warmer during the summertime. However, if the outside temperature is not particularly warmer than normal, but your air conditioning unit continues to turn on and off, there may be some type of malfunction going on. Contact an AC service Glendive, MT repairman for troubleshooting.
    • If you see any type of water leaking in or around your unit, it may be an issue. A small amount of condensation is normal for an air-conditioning unit, but if there is excessive water, it might mean several different problems could be going on. An AC service professional in Glendive, Montana is recommended for this type of issue, because your air conditioner has many different electrical components and getting them wet could mean ruining your entire unit.
    • Anytime your air-conditioning unit is icy or frosty, it could mean a blocked or restricted airflow. When that happens, it literally is making your unit freeze up. A detection like that generally means that you will need to schedule a service call to get the problem fixed.
    Hiring an AC Service contractor in Glendive, MT to come in and fix air-conditioning problems is recommended a
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  • Heating & Air Glendive, MT | Papa’s HVAC

    Heating & Air Service, Repair, Installation

    Heating & Air Glendive, MT service is fundamental to your comfort. Having a local Glendive heating & air company that you can call 24/7 in the event of a break down is essential. Our goal at Papa’s Heating & Air is to connect you to heating & air companies in the Glendive, MT area who are trained technicians who have skills and knowledge to complete your installation or repair in a fast, timely manner and at a price you can afford.

    Heating & Air Glendive, MTAny homeowner that has ever experienced a frigid winter or an extremely hot summer in Glendive, MT without heating and air knows all about how uncomfortable it can be. There are many different ways to heat and cool a home, but generally most homeowners are looking for a long-term solution. Of course, it may cost more in the beginning, but the payoff is going to be energy efficiency and lower bills. The key: getting the right system and having everything installed properly. Plus, doing research on the different units is also going to play an important factor in getting the right heating and air system for your home.

    The installation of a central heat and air unit in Glendive, MT is going to range between $3700 – $7200 according to reports across the United States. The reason this cost is higher – a central unit is going to be a better and more permanent option.

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    Heating & Air Options

    • A window unit that is installed in the window of a home is called a singular A/C system unit. Surprisingly enough, these particular units are not very expensive. A homeowner can purchase one at a hardware store or even a department store and spend under $500. Yes, it is a cheaper way to go, but wait until you see your electric bill. Your home may be ice cold in the summer, but expect to see a bill that is going to be more than double. To Install an AC/Heat Window Unit in Glendive, MT — get free estimates by calling 1-855-248-6213.
    • A split system unit is also referred to as a mini-split (ductless) or a central unit system that is installed as inside and outside units. This isn’t a bad way to go, but most homeowners will still go with the installation of a central system using a duct system. For split system installation Glendive, MT — contact us.
    • A portable unit is also another type of A/C that can be literally “moved” around the house, but again this is going to be harsh on your electrical bill. These units are great for smaller areas that you would like to drop the temperature if you are not using your portable unit for long periods of time.

    Important Questions

    There are also important questions to ask your heating and air contractor in Glendive, MT. Before you decide to hire a professional, you need to know what important questions that require an
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  • HVAC Repair Glendive, MT | Papa’s Heating & Air

    HVAC Repair Service

    HVAC Repair Glendive, MTHas your HVAC unit failed? HVAC repair Glendive, MT is a service that’s always in high demand. Whether it’s summer and your air conditioner broke down on you or winter and your heater broke down,  finding a HVAC repair company is important. When on the lookout for HVAC repair in Glendive, many customers are looking for service asap. While it’s extremely important to have the hvac system repaired as soon as possible to get comfortable again, it’s also important that you do some quick research on the companies you hire.

    An HVAC system consists of a furnace, an air conditioner, thermostat, ductwork and a fan connected to the ductwork. When you have HVAC issues, you’ll need to determine which area it’s coming from and then go from there. For HVAC Repair Glendive, Montana, please contact us by calling 1-888-397-4651.

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    Common HVAC Issues

    • The heat pump will not shut off, and it’s continuously running
    • The outdoor unit will not kick on
    • The outdoor unit is making strange noises, or is loud.
    • Temperature never reaches the desired setting
    • Pilot light will goes out, will not stay lit.
    • Circuit breaker keeps tripping
    • Not cooling
    • Not heating

    HVAC Duct Repair Glendive, MT

    HVAC System Check Up

    Are you having issues with you HVAC system? Contact Papa’s Heating & Air and a HVAC tech cab be sent to your house to perform a HVAC system checkup. Just as you would go to the doctor for a checkup regarding your health, our technicians will do the same for your HVAC system. We make sure that all aspects of the system work as they should. A tech will do a system check on the following:
    HVAC Furnace Repair Glendive, Montana

    • Furnace
    • AC
    • Heat pump
    • Blower
    • Ductwork
    • Vents
    • Thermostat

    The checkup will ensure that your HVAC system is running smoothly and efficiently. Thanks to routine maintenance and checkups, our techs can tell you if you need to replace or repair any of your HVAC system’s components. For hvac maintenance and repair Glendive, MT — please contact us.

    HVAC Repair Glendive, MT

    We understand here at Papa’s Heating & Air how difficult it can be to find a reliable HVAC repair service in the Glendive, Montana area. While their are plenty to choose from in most cases, picking the RIGHT HVAC companies to get estimates from can sometimes become a headache. Papa’s Heating and Air will connect you to up to four HVAC service providers in the Glendive, MT area who are local and reliable. You can then choose who sounds the best. In some cases, if you’ve diagnosed your HVAC system, the provider can provide you with an estimate for repair right over the phone. Don’t sit in the heat or cold, contact Papa’s Heating & Air today for hvac repair Glendive, MT.
  • AC Tune Up Glendive, MT | AC Maintenance

    AC Tune Up Glendive, Montana

    Air Conditioner Glendive, MontanaScheduling a yearly AC Tune Up in Glendive, MT is a good practice to help catch problems before they grow into larger costly issues. An AC tune up will cost approximately $65 to $90 in the Glendive area. It’s recommended to tune up your AC at least once per year. Hire a trained professional to maintain your AC system by getting in touch with Papa’s Heating and Air.

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    When you contact an HVAC specialist in Glendive, MT, you’ll want to make sure of what’s included in the AC Tune Up. Not all companies provide the same service, however a thorough Tune Up should include these commonly overlooked inspections:

    • AC Tune Up Glendive, MontanaA thorough cleaning of the condenser coils.
    • Coolant level check.
    • Thermostat check, verify operation.
    • Inspection of ductwork.
    • Inspection and adjustment to electrical connections.
    • Blower motor and blower belt evaluation.

    An inspection usually consists of a 26 point check up, and takes approximately 50 to 90 minutes.

    AC Maintenance Glendive, MT

    AC Maintenance Glendive, MTYou may want to think about obtaining an AC Maintenance plan Glendive, MT with a certified HVAC company. This may lower your costs for annual tune-ups for your HVAC systems, as well as the actual costs for repairs.

    Did you know, lack of regular AC maintenance results in at least a 5% efficiency loss which results in higher energy bills. Scheduling AC preventative maintenance in Glendive, MT with a contract will cost about $100 to $150 per year, with the added benefit of 15% off other services such as repairs.

    Glendive Air Conditioner Tune-Up Benefits

    Some of the many benefits of scheduling regular tune ups include:

    • Saving money on energy costs
    • Longer lasting HVAC equipment
    • Improving the AC system performance and efficiency
    • Preventing costly breakdowns
    • Protecting your family from faulty parts that may cause a dangerous situation
    • Keeps you comfortable
    • Catches smaller issues before they turn into larger ones.

    Central Air Conditioner Tune-Up Glendive, MT

    The best time to schedule an air conditioner tune up is in the spring, before the heat comes in for the summer months. This helps to become prepared for the higher use, when your ac will be used more often. You don’t want to be without an AC for a simple repair, so get in touch with an AC specialist in Glendive, MT.

    Schedule your Glendive AC tune up today! Call 1-877-792-7252.

  • Central Air Repair Glendive, MT | A/C Repair Service

    Central Air Repair Glendive, MT

    Papa’s Heating & Air is you local central air repair service connection in Glendive, Montana. Is your central air system not working? For fast air conditioner repair service in the Glendive area, please contact us today by calling 1-888-397-4651. Your air conditioner can break down due to various reasons such as: poor installation, poor service procedures and lack of maintenance.

    Central Air Conditioner Repair Glendive, MTSome common Glendive central air repairs include:

    • AC Refrigerant leak repair
    • Dirty air filter and coil repair/ cleaning
    • AC Compressor Repair
    • Electric Control Repair
    • Thermostat Repair / Replacement
    • Etc..

    Air Conditioner Repair Service Glendive, MT

    Central Air Repair Service Glendive MTA poorly maintained air conditioning system can perform badly, failing to keep you cool and content while costing you more money than usual to run. In this case, you’ll need a tune up or possibly ac repair service Glendive, MT.

    Some issues you may run into when your air conditioner is not functioning well is: a dirty air filter, warm air may be leaking in to your home (may need weatherstripping), registers may be dirty, thermostat may be set wrong, plants or other obstructions may be too close to the compressor, or you may have forgot to have annual AC maintenance scheduled. Remember, schedule AC maintenance Glendive, MT in the spring months so you do not run into these issues in the summer time!

    Central Air Repair Cost Glendive, MT

    Central Air Repair Glendive, MTWhen you run into issues with your air conditioner, usually the very first thought is ‘oh no, what is this going to cost me’. Unfortunately, some central air repairs may cost over a thousand dollars, but on average, homeowners will spend about $225 to $500 to repair their central air conditioner in Glendive, Montana.

    Don’t wait, call Papa’s Heating & Air to schedule an a/c diagnostic. You may spend a fee, however it will be waived with repair with most companies. Call 1-888-397-4651 for central air repair Glendive, MT.

    Central Air Conditioner Replacement Glendive, MT

    Central Air Replacement Glendive, MontanaIf your central air conditioner is just to old and costly to repair, a central air conditioner replacement may be in your near future. If there is no fix, you may need to replace your air conditioner very soon. When you need fast, affordable air conditioner replacement in Glendive, MT — contact Papa’s Heating & Air. Estimates for a new air conditioner are free, and we will refer you to up to four companies from our preferred list so you can find the best company for the best price.

    Installing a new air conditioner has many benefits of which include: energy saving benefits, increased cooling, less noise and better circulation. Don’t repair your Glendive central air conditioner if it’s too old and costly, instead invest in a new energy saving ac system. Schedule free on-site estimates by calling 1-888-397-4651 today!

    Local Central Air Conditioning Repair Experts

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