Air Conditioning Services

When the weather turns hot and humid, there’s nothing like a well-functioning AC system to chase away the heat. When your air conditioner is not working like it should, you want fast and reliable service. That’s why Papa’s Heating & Air Conditioning is on the job 7 days a week. Call us any time for emergency air conditioning repair. In addition to repairs, we can also install a new air conditioning system if needed.

Although we are able to fix most air conditioners, there are times when an AC system is too ancient or too expensive to repair. We know that replacing an old unit with a new one is a major expense, therefore we will do everything we can to keep your existing system up and running. If your air conditioner is nearing the end of its life, it may be a good decision to replace now rather than later.

  • Is your air conditioning system experiencing any of the following problems?

    • Air conditioner is making strange noises
    • Utility bills are increasing every month
    • Your AC system is icing up
    • Water is leaking inside the house
    • Cooling is uneven; some rooms are too cold, other rooms are too warm
    • There’s an oily residue on your AC components
    • Indoor air temperature doesn’t match thermostat setting
    • Air conditioner is over ten years old
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    Don’t let this be you! Call Papa’s Heating & Air Conditioning today!

Your air conditioning unit may need to be replaced. Get a free estimate, schedule online today.